Autonomous Mobile Robotics Research Group

Dr. Akin Tatoglu | | University of Hartford | D-121

Heterogeneous Robotics

Heterogeneous Robotics: Cooperative Mapping Capability This project involves a ground vehicle equipped with camera, 2D and 3D lidars and a drone with stereo imaging system as well as gimbal mounted […]


Hoverbot is a study in designing robots that can travel over multiple types of terrain. Hovercraft can travel over almost any non-porous surface, including sand, ice, and water. This is […]


Octopus is a robotic arm and gimbal system designed for studying aggressive UAV maneuvers. It is capable of target finding and is equipped with an automated 3D Scanner. Project Members: […]

3D Autonomous Arm Scanner

This project aims to manufacture a low-cost autonomous scanner with a reasonable resolution for small to medium size companies. We have used off-the-shelf low cost hand held scanner and mounted […]


Bubble is a miniature robotics platform mainly used for educational purposes. It is a general purpose robot that can be equipped with a multitude of sensors in order to familiarize […]

SpiderBot – Locomotion Study

The SpiderBot is designed as a motion study of spiders. Mimicking biological creatures can help inform design of robotic motion. The SpiderBot imitates the locomotion of a spider.

Vibron: 3D Printed Bug Bot

A new approach exists to the coordination of multirobot systems which consist of many small physical robots. Vibron is a robot proof of concept, designed minimally with no physically moving […]

Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

The Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) is a simple autonomous robot that travels underwater following predetermined cube like path. It was designed to study the unique design required for underwater robotics.

OmniBot: SPARK

A ground vehicle with use of Mecanum wheels that can move in all directions.   Project Members: Amber Ferrera Josephine Garcia Justin Simko Christopher Jaramillo