Project name:

Internet of Things: 3D Printed Mobile Bionic Egg

Project description:

Bionic Egg: 3D Printed Mobile Sensor Packaging
The goals of this research are to design a 3D printed small foot-print environmental data logger while considering sensor packaging space constraints and to implement a smart power consumption system for increased endurance. The product is sealed for harsh environmental conditions per IP65 standard as well as for impacts.

In this research, we investigate electronics packaging design approaches for a mobile sensor suites so called “Bionic Egg” which is capable of logging ambient conditions as well as external forces. The Mobile sensor suite includes inertial measurement unit (IMU), temperature and humidity sensors, Global Positioning System (GPS) unit with an internal antenna as well as an SD (Secure Digital) card board for data logging. System has live data streaming capability via GSM network.

Project Members:
• Project Members:
• Simon Darius
• Eric Jacobson
• Theresa DeFreitas
• Maegan Hall
• Jerrod Sutcliffe

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